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heavy lifting

I sit here and listen to all you wanna say.
The words I am hearing leave stains right through my ears.
The truth is I’m missing the way we heard the blues.
And all of the things that made me think hold on to you.

No, I can’t spin on your words anymore.
I’ve forgotten what you’re standing for. 
Stop the fire and let me go.

I walk through the garden where we 
put down our seeds.
And wait for the fruit it gave, but you didn’t want to dig.

No, I won’t fall for that shit anymore.
I stopped waiting to feel like before. 
When your love left me breathless, 
hard to ignore.

It’s the heavy lifting that you failed to do. 
It’s the heavy lifting that your love can’t do.

The world keeps on bringing full boxes of memories.
With all of the heavy lifting that must come from me.
But, I’m looking at you like we are in love, 
and it’s so pathetic because you’re 
already gone.