Photo by Scott Schultz

Photo by Scott Schultz

Pilar Díaz at SiteLA

Pilar Diaz is currently one of the artists-in-residence at Site Los Angeles on the Echo Park/Silverlake border. The former singer of Los Abandoned, Diaz continues singing primarily in Spanish, which could present a problem if you don’t speak the language—except that the music is so good! Good songs are good songs no matter what language. She kind of sounds like a Latin-influenced Bjork—minus the annoying wierdness.

Site LA was somewhat difficult to find. I passed it three times before locating it, which was a drag, because I ride the bus. But the flier said “Free drinks!” so I couldn’t give up after a mere three passes. Inside is a cool setup. Primarily a one-room deal—it’s probably about twice the size of Pehrspace. Art for sale hangs on the walls, and I was able to bum five cigarettes on the front sidewalk. They had free wine and some health juice made by physicians. I went with the health drink—coconut flavor—and it was… healthy tasting.

Diaz played for a little over a half-hour and incorporated a healthy mix of instruments including viola, accordion, ukelele and a little bit of backmasking, along with the traditional rock instruments. She will be performing every remaining Thursday in October at Site LA and will be holding her CD release on November 1 at the Echo.

—Scott Schultz

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