Pilar in LA Weekly

Pilar Diaz at the Echo

It was just two years ago that the local band Los Abandoned seemed poised to break into the big time. In 2006, they released a fantastic debut album, Mixtape, on Vapor Records that encompassed energetically silly new-wave anthems like “Stalk U” and “Van Nuys (Es Very Nice)” and such contrastingly gorgeous pop songs as “Nada Mío Es Fake” and “State of Affairs.” Just as suddenly, the band broke up with little explanation. Tonight, the supremely talented Pilar Diaz (a.k.a. Lady P.) re-emerges to unveil her new, self-titled solo CD, which is worlds away from the punky spirit of Los Abandoned. The ethereal pop song “Tu y Yo” unfolds with a lonely trumpet and spacy steel-drum sounds as the Chilean singer keens with a pure, newfound melodicism that was sometimes buried by her old band’s frenetic high jinks. She’s equally enchanting on “Novia de Soldado,” and she spins a dreamy mood on “Perdido” amid the lowing of accordion, the bobbing & weaving of violin and the soft strumming of tiny acoustic guitars. The rapid-fire, rhyming delivery of “Pinata” hints at Los Abandoned’s lightness even as Diaz experiments with an electropop backing. (Falling James)