California Sounds: Maria del Pilar sings of dreamers

María del Pilar, “Original Dreamers” (María del Pilar/Casete). Taken from the follow-up to her 2015 album “Songs + Canciones I,” Del Pilar’s first single from Volume 2 is dedicated to her late mother, who braved an uncertain future when she and Del Pilar’s father decided to immigrate to America.

Referring to the stories of challenges facing immigrants in the country under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, she explains in release notes that the accounts “reminded me of what I saw my parents go through when I was a kid immigrating from Chile to the US. I had a chance to thank my father for these sacrifices but never got a chance to thank my mom.”

Hence “Original Dreamers,” in which the singer, who first earned national attention as singer-guitarist of L.A. punk band Los Abandoned, commands that we “look at all the dreamers like us — without shame they say their names.”

It’s so musically infectious that Del Pilar could be singing about road construction and it’d still work, with a rhythm that suggests New York post-disco and classic dance pop, but woven with a silken contemporary sheen. Produced by Filip Nikolic (Poolside), the track is driven by guitar from Carlos Arevalo of Chicano Batman. “Canciones + Songs II” arrives on Nov. 2.

Source: Los Angeles Times

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